What geographic areas does Confer RBR Snow Contractors service?

Confer RBR services all of Long Island as well as Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn.

Who are your typical customers?

Confer RBR specializes in commercial properties including shopping centers, strip malls, schools, industrial parks, office complexes, hospitals, condo developments, apartment complexes, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, factories, etc.

What type of insurance do you carry?

One of the benefits we offer our customers is that we carry SNOW SPECIFIC INSURANCE. Many smaller snow contractors and landscapers that do snow removal do not carry the type of Insurance due to the prohibitive cost for the policy. We have found in some instances they claim to have it but when you check with the UNDERWRITER, not the broker, it is discovered they only have General Liability. General Liability is not effective insurance against a slip and fall.

Do you have adequate equipment in the event of a blizzard?

Being the largest privately owned snow management company in our area, we have made a commitment to insure that we have all necessary equipment available to us that would be needed for our customers regardless of the severity of any snow event.

What type of contracts do you offer?

Our goal is to provide our customers with the specific service they require. We offer both an annual contract that includes all plowing within the accumulation terms of the contract, regardless of the number of storms that occur during the season, or a per plow contract where the customer is billed for each storm event according to the accumulation terms of the contract.

We maintain a large inventory of sand/salt (70-30% mix) as well as a supply of straight salt. Ice melt materials are applied either automatically as required or only per the customer’s request.

Confer RBR offers the option of handling sidewalks as well where we use potassium chloride, which is an environmentally friendly product.