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Sub-Contractor Policies

Time Sheets

All time sheets must be submitted within 48 hours of the event’s end. All time sheets must include Time Dispatched, Travel Time, Work Time at each location and include all work performed and with what equipment. All equipment and services must be listed separately.


All payments will be issued the 15th of the following month that the services were rendered, providing the time sheets were submitted on time.


It is imperative that the company is able to contact the subcontractor. A cell phone is required.

Equipment Inspection

Company reserves the right to inspect all equipment being offered.

Contract Period

The terms of this agreement are in effect for the entire season.

Fixed Rate Contracts

Specific routes that are assigned to the contractors will have a specific compensation assigned to them.

Hourly Work

Sub-Contractors providing services on an hourly basis shall be paid specific rates per hour based on equipment and experience as well as the quality of work performed.

Service Availability

Sub-Contractors and their equipment will be immediately available when called to handle any snow event. The work being performed on behalf of Confer RBR Snow Contractors will have priority over all other work the sub-contractor may have.


In consideration for being assigned work, the sub-contractor hereby agrees that they will not solicit, approach or contract a like or similar service to the company customer for a period of three years following the end of the season contracted for.

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